Our products

Together with seafood and fish we pay extreme attention to the preparation of bread, pasta, cakes and ice cream, all hand- and homemade.

Rice and Fish fillet:

One of Lariana’s traditional dishes: boiled rice (“in cagnòn” as the locals term it) is served with either gilded fillets of Perch fish or lavarello according to what has been fished. Everything is then flavoured with the additional seasoning of parmesan cheese, lemon juice, butter and sage.

Ultan and pendent:

This two words literally refer to two types of nets, and in particular one for the lavarets and the ray-finned fish. This is what we propose, but obviously we can’t foresee what we will be able to fish tomorrow! That’s why our dishes based on fish can vary according to what has been fished and the Chefs imagination.

Fish Ravioloni

Home made fresh Ravioli, filled with a delicate fish mousse, according to what has been fished, simply offered with the addition of butter from Bellagio Dairy and crisp sage.

Toc and Missoltini

Another safeguarded dish of the traditional Lariana-Bellagina cuisine. Toc, is a polenta prepared on our fireplace, amalgamated with butter and the thin cheese from the local dairy, to form a soft cream that is lukewarm to touch, even if it cooks on the fire for more than two hours. The Missoltini, made with ray-finned fish,

from our direct fishing as always, is left to desiccate in the sun as the tradition requests and is pressed for at least six months. It is then grilled and served with some delicious and flavoured drops of oil and home-made vinegar on the top.


Traditionally a simple and humble dessert made with white and yellow flour (the same used to make Toc and still grown and grinded in Bellagio), bread, grapes, apples, figs and walnuts.