Gluten-free Breakfast

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Gluten-free Breakfast
This year we have decided to facilitate the lives of our dear guests, who suffer from food intolerance to gluten: Celiac Disease.
For this purpose we have introduced gluten free breakfast at the hotel.

The breakfast buffet includes:
- sparkling water and natural fruit juices
- boiled eggs
- fresh fruits
- homemade cakes
- assorted croissants served warm
- natural and mixed fruit yoghurt
- canned peaches and plums in syrup
- butter
- ham and cheese
- fruit muesli
- - corn flakes
- dried apricots and raisins
- assorted homemade bread
- biscuits
- jams of various flavors
- honey
- nutella
- your selection of tea and sugar

In addition to the above, which are already suitable for Celiacs, we are able to offer:
bread and biscuits gluten-free , also snacks and / or single-portion snack certified gluten-free

We invite all our guests with celiac disease to advise us before arrival in order to help us prepare better.
We would be happy to receive any suggestions/comments or preference from you!

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